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Webdesign inspiration and reviews - Best Wordpress websites made with Elementor Page builder

Webdesign inspiration and reviews - Best Wordpress websites made with Elementor Page builder

What Elementor Page Builder is? And why its an amazing tool for creating beautiful websites for both beginner and experts (We showcases the best)

Today, almost all people and agencies create websites in some sort of WYSIWYG website builder or page builder. There are many good ones on the market. Some focus on the beginner ( Squarespace, Wix ) other focus on more professionals (WebFlow)

WordPress has been around for more than 20 years and is by far the biggest website building tool out there with around 32% of all websites in the world on the WP platform. The ecosystem around WordPress is amazing! You can build functionality on top of WordPress with more than 60 000 plugins in the WordPress plugins repository.

But there is a challenge with WordPress. The challenge is that it can be difficult to design websites just the way you want them using the default Gutenberg Editor.

That’s why there is a big business around WordPress creating ready-made designs, called Themes. These have often included functionality based on the industry they target. They are designed by professional designers and can be a quick way to make beautiful websites – in theory…

This is where Elementor comes in

Elementor is a design and website/webpage builder that makes the structure and look of the webpage super easy to create.

Using ready-made Themes never really fit your needs or preferences. They can be hard to customize and often they add a lot of weight to your site( That ads extra loading time)

Elementor let you be in charge of design

With Elementor you control the placement of every image, graphic, text, video, product and more, with pixel precision. The combination of the Drag & drop interface and granular control you have with the control tabs gives you complete control of your design and content.

Elementor is perfect for beginners and experts

Not many web developers make websites in pure code anymore. It’s just not worth the extra time. There are so many excellent page builders that make developers work much faster. My claim is that ELementor is the best choice both for the novice beginner to the most advanced webdevelper working in agencies.

Why Elementor is perfect for beginners:

  • No coding requirements
  • No need to know CSS
  • What you see is what you get. Very visual designing
  • A lot of good tutorials and documentation how to start using Elementor online and Youtube
  • Many ready made temlates/designs/blocks that can be implimentet with one click.

Why Elementor is perfect for Experts

  • You can make very complex design and animations
  • You can build custom tools and features using CSS, JavaScript, PHP or React
  • You have ful control of every elements CSS
  • Elementor is open source and you have ful access to the code
  • Elementor has integration with many of the popular 3rd party solutions such as MailChimp, Adobe Fonts, and Zapier. For the rest you can use hooks using API

Why Elementor is good for Mobile first

We know that at least 65% of the viewers that see your page will be mobile users. It’s therefore crucial that the page is optimized for mobile. Elementor has a very easy interface to create a mobile site. You can easily turn on/off elements to be shown only mobile and you can adjust font sizes only for mobile (Or tablet) – To really speed optimize you can make in image editing software particular images for mobile. You should try to keep them under 40kb and maybe make them 1:1 or portrait.

Some final thoughts

There are so many features and possibillities with Elementor thats it impossible to talk about them here. But the take awy I want you to have is that Elementor is a fast, easy to use and extremly flexible tool for your website projects, regradless if you are a beginner, intermediate or expert.

If you havent done it yet, i really suggest you take the free version for a spin.

Download it here

All the sites showcased on this site are made with Elementor. As you can see, they are pretty good-looking. Check them out

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