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Webdesign inspiration and reviews - Best Wordpress websites made with Elementor Page builder

Webdesign inspiration and reviews - Best Wordpress websites made with Elementor Page builder

Best websites for Branding & design

If you are about to design a website for a branding or a design business, you have come to the right place. Here you find examples of some of the best websites in the industry.

But first, here are some tips to consider when you are making a branding and design website:

The potential customers of branding and design companies have two questions.  Are you creative and do you deliver results?

Both those questions can be answered on a well-built website. If the website is dull and not creative, the customer will think: “How can you make an engaging brand or design for me when you can not make it for your own website?”

Second;  – the use of social proof is very important. You should include case studies, customer testimonials, and some logos of other clients.

One of the first things potential clients want to see is the portfolio – I can not emphasize enough to have an amazing portfolio page or section.

Write about the challenges and how the branding or design company solved them. If you can put in some numbers, it would be gold! “After the re-branding, the sales went up by 22%”

Also; How is the branding or design business different? Why should someone who doesn’t know the business choose this partial company?

The truth is, customers very rarely choose a business based ONLY on a webpage.  Most business contacts are done through networking, referrals, or mentions – But the website can be the most important piece to convince that he or she has found the best company to buy services from.

So then, be inspired by these great designed websites in the way they use to design and creativity to present themself, their services, and how they attract business.

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