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Webdesign inspiration and reviews - Best Wordpress websites made with Elementor Page builder

Webdesign inspiration and reviews - Best Wordpress websites made with Elementor Page builder

7 best reasons to choose Elementor ( and 5 reasons not to)

You must have lived under a rock if you haven’t heard about Elementor by now, the number one page builder tool for WordPress.

We have dedicated this entire site to showcase the best Elementor built websites out there. And you will be blown away by the possibilities you can do the Elemntor page builder plugin.

I would claim that there is only one limitation of the tool, and that is your imagination ( That’s why we have all these great sites for your inspiration)

I will not give you any lengthy tutorials on how easy it is to use Elementor because you will find loads of them on this Elementor Academy page.

So here are the seven ultimate pros of why Elementor is a great choice ( But keep on reading, because there are 5 cons you should know about before you make your decision.)

Pros – Why you should use Elementor

  1. Drag & Drop where NO coding skills are required
  2. The responsiveness for all types of desktops, tablets and mobilephone are amaing. You can easily customize your design for different devices. You can ad your owbn custom breakpoints. This is gold!
  3. You can eliminate most of the plugins you used before. (E.g., form, carousel, video plugins + many more) This saves you a headache when updating, saves you money, and keeps your site faster.
  4. With the Pro version you can also eliminate many more 3th. party plugins like Popup, Search and more, and you dont need a theme any more. ( Well you need a Theme, but a theme with out any functionality and super light. We recommend Elementor own Hello theme) All headers, menues , footers are all easily designed and created in Elementors “Theme builder”.
  5. There is an amazing “eco-system” around Elementor. Many third part developers have extended Elementor to beyond what you thought was possible. Also you find a lot of resources online, on Youtube and on Facebook groups dedicated to help people with Elementor related topics.
  6. Its fast! Well I know that that have not always bin the case, but Elementor have relly taken the challange to speed optimize the tool in their lates updates. With out any optimaziation you can get yellow to green score on Googles speed test now. That being said, see also my comment on this in the Cons section.
  7. You can speed up your design/developing process by choosing of the many thousands ready made designs, templates and blocks for all types of industries and use cases. You can import them easily with a few clicks! Many of the design templates are for free and some cost a few bucks.

Cons – Why you should concider not to use Elementor

  1. The free version is limited, and you will most likely need the paid pro version that can be a little pricey. The free version is limited, you will most likely need the paid pro version that can be a litle pricey.
  2. As all page builders, it ad bloat to the code – there will always be a trade-off between making great designed websites quickly with a page builder, and performance. But as mention in the pros, Elementor takes this seriously, and they have improved speed a lot. Also worth mention, there are technics that you can use to reduce the code when you are building with Elementor
  3. Im not sure if you think this a con, but I mentioning it on a personal note; If you have some coding skill, you will forget – you becomes “code lazy”. Even I love Elementor, I still think that to have html and CSS skills are an important skill to have.
  4. SEO – Elementor is unfortunately not well integrated with Schema or SEO. But both Yoast and RankMath have made nice integrations with Elementor
  5. There is a learning curve. If you are an absolute beginner – Don’t expect to make complex beatiful websites the first time you try.

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